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Our Consulting Services

Our services begin with an initial assessment where we determine where we the believe the player can play and present a written evaluation that covers everything that was discussed during our discussion.

How Our Services Work

Evaluation / Assessment
We charge $500 is for an initial evaluation meeting. This meeting is a detailed evaluation of academics (transcripts and test scores), game/highlight film and a full interview with the player and parents. After the meeting, we determine where we believe the player can play and present a written evaluation that covers everything that was discussed during our discussion.

If the family is in agreement with our evaluation, then they have the option to pick us up as a consultant for an additional charge. We have numerous consulting plans that vary in detail and pricing. These can be discussed with our counselors at any time. If after the evaluation you’d rather not purchase the consulting, then you’re on your own.

(**As a note, we have saved our previous clients an average of $5-10,000, plus hours of time, and a large amount of stress!)

If you do decide to purchase the consulting, we advise athletes and their families on every part of recruiting, and try to make the process as seamless as possible for you. This includes:

General Topics We Advise Our Clients On

All until a college choice is made.

Suggestion of Realistic Colleges Where You Can Be a Legit Recruit

Don’t kill your college career by reaching too high or settling too early. Our knowledge of college football programs around the country—and what they look for—is unparalleled. This foundation will save you time, money and, most importantly, aggravation!

Recruiting Calendar

They’re very different at each level and one missed deadline can hurt you greatly in this process

Transcripts, Testing

Academics and test scores matter—we will explain how your son fits into the Academic Index and the Band System, and what this all means.

Tutoring (If Necessary)

Tutoring options will be discussed if necessary. The SAT/ACT plays a HUGE role in the recruitment process, so we will cover the “do’s and don’ts” in depth.

How to Make the Proper Highlight Films

A poorly designed highlight film is deadly in the recruiting process. Showcase your talent in the best light possible.

How to Send Proper Email

We have built relationships with college staffs across the country, at all levels and know exactly which coaches to contact at all of their schools of interest, and how to get in contact

Official and Unofficial Visits

How to Schedule them and How to Handle Them. What to Wear? What questions should you ask? How Should Your Parents Behave?

Which Summer Camp / Clinics to Attend

The worse thing a recruit can do is “over schedule” a summer at camps that he is not a prospect. We know the best places to go—and they’re all different- and we will help you plan your summer! This alone will save you valuable time/energy and THOUSANDS of dollars!

Skill Training (If Needed)

We provide film review, nutrition guidance and skill training for players who would benefit from extra help. For players from inferior high school football programs, this is a HUGE advantage.

What Constitutes “Real Interest”

We will help you understand which emails and letters actually show interest, and which schools are leading you on. You are selling yourself (as a prospect) just like these coaches are selling you on their program. It’s important to understand who’s for real and who’s leading you on.

What is a Legitimate “Offer”

When Do You Know if a College is serious or bluffing? When Do You Know if You should Apply Early Decision? When Do You Know When the Process is Done?

Overall, our team is made up of experts on this process, who will “hold your hand” and address all questions and concerns until you find a great fit.